Helping couples & individuals start the path to healing.

About Pam Bass Counseling

Personal care with a personal touch

Pamela Bass has been a counselor for thirty years and serves indiviudals and couples in the Omaha, NE area. She’s committed to providing a safe place for healing and growth. This space allows you to openly share your concerns in a confidential and warm atmosphere. She’s also made it her mission to provide an affordable, professional service to all her clients.

Are you struggling with…

Marriage Troubles

Perhaps your relationship is on the rocks, and has been for what feels like an eternity. Or, maybe your relationship feels pretty solid, but you’ve been hit by a crisis and are looking for the guidance of a professional. Or, things may feel flat and distant and you need a tune-up.

Depression & Anxiety

Have you lost your motivation and find it difficult to enjoy things you used to?  Or maybe you have noticed a decrease in how you take care of yourself? You may feel incompetent, inadequate or unable to deal with situations.

Feeling Stuck Spiritually

Do you have questions about your faith? Do you feel like you’re not growing, or you’re unsure of how to grow? Maybe you’re looking for a spiritual mentor to help you get to places you can’t on your own.

Problems With Children

Maybe you feel like you can’t get through to your kids? You may feel like you can’t find any common ground to help them. Or maybe you feel like they have an issue too difficult for you to handle alone.

A note from Pam

I am so glad you’ve stopped here! I know first hand how hard it is to ask for help. I’ve been on both sides of the couch. I was born in New York and went to school in Albany, N.Y. I have been living in Omaha since 1992. I’ve been married for over 30 years and have 2 grown sons. I have been helping others for over 30 years and love my job!


Counseling services tailored for you

No matter what you’re struggling with it is important that you know you don’t have to be alone in this journey. Pamela Bass  has the experience to help you achieve your goals, overcome these struggles, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether you’re looking for individual , marriage, pre-marital, or family counseling, I have to tools to help you achieve those goals.


I help individuals make connections between their thoughts and emotions to create real life changes.


I specialize in helping couples in any stage of their relationship achieve better communication, and strengthen their bond together.


The family unit can be a positive part of everyone’s lives. I help families be more connected and more tightly knit.

Spiritual Direction

Take the next step in your faith journey

Spiritual direction — or mentoring — has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries. It’s part of the discipling model. As a certified Spiritual Director; I’d be happy to help you with your spiritual journey, especially your prayer life and connection with God. My goal is to help you get to a place in your faith journey that you could never reach alone!

The benefits of investing in your faith

  • Greater self awareness
  • A deeper sense of God’s love and presence in your life
  • Spiritual direction promotes your attentiveness to God’s movement in your life
  • Provides a place where you can ask and explore important questions
  • Discover your purpose and calling in your life
  • Integrate spiritual practices into your everyday

What’s the difference between
counseling and spiritual direction?

Are you ready to experience…

Personal Growth

You’ll be equipped to deal with daily stresses in a way that can lead to positive change in your personal life and for those around you.

A Better Marriage

Learn communication skills and other techniques to create a healthier marriage for you and your spouse.

A Healthier Family

Learn better ways to talk and listen to one another! Explore your personality style and/or your Enneagram so that you can be better connected with one another.

Spiritual Growth

Start to experience God in a new way. Working together, I’ll help you with your prayer life, and  you to a deeper place in your spiritual life.

“Just wanted to send you a note of "thanks" for coaching us to a stronger marriage. It's better now than it was when we were first married! ”

“Thank you! It is truly helpful just to be able to express my feelings.”